Company Information


We invest our WILL and PASSION to the area where we can contribute to the world and society.
Our Corporate Name represents our VISIONs.

be a Bridge Over the World


Vision 1:

We take three character from Bridge Over the World. Our business is borderless and we jump anywhere if we find out “A INTERESTING STAFF”.


Vision 2:

We have to be A STRONG BOW to shoot 3 or more strong arrows. Our BOW has to be strong and capable to support “Three Pillars of Stability – 3 Arrows in Japanese” who represent our Group Company.


Vision 3:

BOW is “Ojigi” in Japanese and we never forget RESPECT to other people and anything supporting us.


We are Investment Company and Manage Group as Holding Firm.


2021/02Novias K.K. started cyber security business.
2021/02Joievivre K.K. changed its name to EUCRASIA K.K.
2020/10Joievivre K.K. join BOW Holdings group and support Healthcare & Medical business.
2020/05Sonotrigger Co., Ltd. Started as Streaming and Data Management Service Provider.
2020/04MBO PTS Consulting Japan from PTS Group.

Company Established